Aware Leadership™ Body of Knowledge

At Aware Leadership, we understand that true leadership goes beyond management and leadership capabilties; it's fundamentally about the consciousness and intent that fuel our leadership moments. Guided by Andreas Metzen, our founder and a veteran leader with hands-on experience across various sectors, we craft our leadership programs to do more than just instruct—they're designed to transform. Through interactive and dynamic masterclasses, we aim to widen your viewpoint, fortify your presence in pivotal moments, and sharpen your decision-making skills.

Transformative Leadership with a Personal Touch

Aware Leadership isn't a set of techniques; it's a dynamic shift towards weaving mindfulness and empathy into the fabric of leadership. Andreas's journey through the corridors of a large multinational corporation and the intimate niche finance transport finance institution has equipped him with unique insights into the power of integrating time-honored wisdom and modern mindful practices. Our programs don't just teach; they invite you on an introspective journey of growth and self-discovery. We empower you to lead with empathy and resolve, essential in today's swift-paced professional landscapes.

Philosophy and Origins

The philosophy behind Aware Leadership is rooted in the belief that effective and sustainable leadership requires more than traditional management skills; it requires a deep understanding of oneself, one’s impact on others, and the ability to navigate complex challenges with empathy and integrity. Inspired by Andreas Metzen’s diverse leadership experiences and his exploration of mindful leadership practices, Aware Leadership was born out of a desire to create a more compassionate and mindful approach to leading in today’s fast-paced world.
Our philosophy is built on the premise that sustainable leadership requires more than just traditional skills. It necessitates a profound understanding of oneself and one's impact on others. Also leadership is the most crucial success factors in business and services. These believes were shaped by Andreas’s own experiences and challenges in leadership roles at global institutions like DVB Bank SE and Electronics Data Systems, where he first began exploring the principles of mindful leadership. These experiences combined with his interactions with pioneers in the field of mindfulness and years of studies of ancient wisdoms, led to the creation of Aware Leadership.

Our Vision for Leadership

Andreas Metzen - Founder of Aware Leadership

Andreas Metzen is the founder of the Aware Leadership framework. With a rich background in leading both large, well-established teams and complex programs and project, Andreas has garnered a wealth of experience in diverse leadership landscapes. His journey into mindful leadership began at DVB Bank SE and was further enriched by his interactions with thought leaders in the field of mindfulness. Andreas's work in developing Aware Leadership reflects over a decade of study, research, and practice, aimed at equipping leaders with the tools to be more impactful, resilient, and adept in their roles.

Driven by a passion to share the powerful benefits of mindfulness, Andreas has committed himself to fostering a new generation of leaders through the Aware Leadership Masterclasses and making the training companion books available on Amazon. These initiatives are aimed at helping leaders worldwide handle the complexities of their roles with greater resilience and wisdom.

About Andreas Metzen

Andreas Metzen, a senior executive and founder of Carpe Momentum Advisory™, promotes skillful leadership and sustainable change. Visit for more information.
Andreas Metzen, founder of Carpe Momentum Advisory™, and author of the Aware Leadership™️ body of knowledge.

Andreas Metzen is a visionary senior executive who brings almost three decades of multifaceted experience to the forefront of business and leadership innovation. His journey in shaping business practices spans across tenures at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) a former IT outsourcing giant and DVB Bank SE a former transport finance subsidiary of DZ Bank AG, where he served as SVP for Risk and Finance Integration. At DVB Bank he excelled in integrating the complex regulatory flood into the banks IT and financial systems and teams. At EDS he elevated operational excellence through business excellence methods in delivering worlds class system DBA infrastructure services and contributing millions in cost improvements.

As the founder and director of Carpe Momentum Advisory™ since 2016 Mr. Metzen is steering organizations towards sustainable change with his consultancy services. Over the span of his career, he realized how uniquely decisive skillful leadership is for company, organization, teams and the leaders themselves. From his view businesses and leadership are only sustainable and truly successful when leadership is at its most skillful.

Understanding the critical role of leadership Mr. Metzen has been working on the core offering of Carpe Momentum Advisory™️ over the last 8 years and has documented the comprehensive body of knowledge of Aware Leadership™ published on Amazon worldwide. His approach is not just about leadership but about cultivating a holistic awareness that resonates with and adapts to the intricate demands of modern leadership.

His educational background, which marries the disciplines of business excellence, organizational behavior, people management coupled with a robust Mindful Leadership practice and deep understanding of ancient wisdoms, grants him a unique lens through which he views and shapes leadership development.

Andreas is committed to the proliferation of skillful leadership. His Aware Leadership™️ body of knowledge is designed not just for leaders but for life, advocating for a leadership style that is as sustainable as it is progressive. He shares his insights through the publication of the Aware Leadership™️ book series, speaking engagements, and as a mentor and coach to emerging leaders through his seminars.