Aware Leadership – Foundation

Volume 1 of the Aware Leadership series lays the groundwork for transformative leadership, focusing on the inherent challenges leaders face in their journey. The book delves into the origins of these challenges and presents a pathway for overcoming them through the implementation of Aware Leadership Functions and Factors. This foundational volume is essential for leaders seeking to refine their approach and cultivate a leadership style that is both impactful and mindful.

Volume 1 as the book title implies is the foundational volume. It is the heart of Aware Leadership™️. It is built upon the premise that there are challenges that leaders face. It highlights the origin of these challenges and opens the door to the possibility that there is a path available to address and overcome these challenges. These truths as I have called them lead towards the Aware Leadership™️ Functions and Factors and a path to transforming your leadership and in the process you as a person. The Aware Leadership Functions are a sort of baseline of duties leaders are invited to fulfill in their leadership role. They provide a template to work off from for technical skills a leader can execute for being a skillful leader. The Aware Leadership Factors are what I consider the multipliers in becoming a truly skillful leader. The factors are Insight, Integrity and Awareness. Each of these factors is broken down in depth. Volume 1 also provides leadership themes or a landscape that are provided to understand why we are applying Aware Leadership Functions and Factors. Mindful Leadership, compassion, understanding cause and effect and other principles are provided to highlight what being in an Aware Leader is all about.

Key Highlights

  • Leadership Challenges: An exploration of the inevitable challenges leaders encounter, offering insights into their nature and implications.
  • Functions and Factors: Introduces the Aware Leadership Functions as a template for technical skills and Factors (Insight, Integrity, Awareness) as multipliers for skillful leadership.
  • In-depth Analysis: Each factor is examined in detail, providing leaders with a deep understanding of how to apply these principles effectively.
  • Leadership Themes: Themes such as Mindful Leadership, compassion, and understanding cause and effect are discussed to encapsulate what it means to be an Aware Leader.

This volume serves as a guide for leaders at all levels to navigate the complexities of leadership with grace and skill, emphasizing personal growth and the transformative potential of adopting Aware Leadership practices.

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