Upcoming Aware Leadership Masterclasses

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Join our transformative masterclasses designed to enhance your leadership skills and knowledge. Each masterclass focuses on different aspects of Aware Leadership™, providing you with practical tools, insights, and techniques to become a more effective and mindful leader. Whether you prefer in-person sessions or online courses, our offerings cater to your learning preferences.

Foundation Masterclass

Learn the basics of Aware Leadership™ through this 3-day course, available in-person and online.

Functions Masterclass

Master the core leadership functions: Technical, Collaboration, Strategy, and Self-Mastery in this 3-day course.

Factors Masterclass

Deepen your leadership skills with a focus on Integrity, Insight, and Awareness in this 3-day course.

Insight Masterclass

Enhance your leadership insight through perspective and intention in this immersive masterclass.

Integrity Masterclass

Develop ethical leadership and authenticity through the Integrity Masterclass.

Communication Masterclass

Build effective communication skills and authentic connections in this transformative masterclass.

Awareness Masterclass

Focus on practice and concentration to enhance your leadership awareness.

Presence Masterclass

Cultivate mindfulness and presence in your leadership approach through this masterclass.