PREP Method Overview

Introducing the PREP (Pause, Reflect, Engage, Proceed) method, a foundational practice for mindful leadership derived from “The Aware Leader – Practices.” This guide provides a step-by-step exploration of the PREP method, designed to enhance leaders’ decision-making capabilities and presence by incorporating mindfulness into their daily leadership practices.


Begin with the Pause step, where leaders are encouraged to take a momentary break from the fast-paced demands of leadership. This intentional pause allows for the creation of a mental space necessary for clear thinking and emotional regulation.


In the Reflect stage, leaders are guided to consider their thoughts, feelings, and the situational context deeply. This reflective practice aids in gaining insights and clarity on the issue at hand, ensuring decisions are made with awareness and understanding.


Engage involves actively considering various perspectives and options. Here, leaders are prompted to open up to different viewpoints, fostering inclusive discussions and collaborative problem-solving.


Finally, the Proceed step encourages leaders to move forward with action. Armed with a clearer understanding and a mindful approach, leaders can make informed decisions and take steps that align with their values and the organization’s goals.

The PREP method is more than a decision-making tool; it’s a pathway to transformative leadership. By integrating these practices into your leadership style, you can navigate the complexities of leadership with greater mindfulness, effectiveness, and compassion.